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By coincidence, the Oxford Dictionaries blog just added a post about TumblrEnglish. It's useful if you've just gotten started and feel confused by the jargon. I take issue with one premise of the post:

Before you start your own blog, review some important features you need to know

I http://writingcenter.unc.edu/esl/ ought to keep this in mind given that English teaching exercises is actually my bread and butter. Even so, I do not like treating something as if it were carved in stone nor should you. It's an fascinating thought though and might worth even more debate. We should get back to it to see what lengths we're going to get by moving this deeper.

I believe that most people learn how to use tech tools better when they just start using them. If you read everything you need to know about it first, it a) won't make sense, because it's virtually context free, and b) may intimidate you into never trying it. I started Tumblr without knowing most of these words, and so can.

"It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning. Claude Bernard"

you. However, you'll have more fun if you learn the jargon-even if you don't use most of it yourself-eventually.

If you've started to use Tumblr but don't feel comfortable yet, check out the post! And yes, the Oxford University Press is on Tumblr.

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